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This WordPress donations plugin will allow you to create unique customized PayPal donation widgets to insert into your WordPress posts or pages and accept donations. WP Plugin for creating custom PayPal donation widgets. WordPress ecommerce.

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Premium Features includes:

  • Now Field Names can be customized!
  • Multiple currency support!
  • New Campaign Donation Typeallows for donor info capture, conforms to Federal Election Commission regulations
  • Add specialized donation forms to your posts or pages
  • Designate alternate PayPal accounts for donations
  • Specify additional fixed amounts, such as a shipping charge
  • Add donation form titles
  • Manage multiple donation forms from the easy access admin interface (one instance per page)
  • Ability to edit donation widgets
  • German Translation Added – ** Deutsch Übersetzung hinzugefügt **
  • Spanish Translation Added – ** Traducción al español añadió **
  • Ad free

This WordPress plugin will allow you to create unique customized PayPal donation widgets in WordPress posts or pages and accept donations. Creates custom PayPal donation widgets for ecommerce.

Donation Types

The set-up for the plugin is fairly simple:

  • Once the installed and activated, an admin menu is created in the left hand main admin menu section.
  • The first link, ‘CP Donations’, is the overview page where you would set the PayPal email address for the account. This is also the screen from which you will copy the shortcodes needed to insert into the posts for the custom widgets to appear.

  • The ‘Add Donations’ link takes you to the page where you will create the custom donation widgets.

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$14.95 $5.95

Installation instructions:
  1. Upload the custom-post-donations directory to the /wp-content/plugins/directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Set the options in the CP Donations Panel
  4. Create new donation widgets in the Add Donations Panel
  5. Use unique shortcodes generated on CP Donations Panel in post or page

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