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WordPress PayPal Plugin

Custom Post Donation Premium is a WordPress PayPal Plugin that will allow you to create unique customized PayPal donation forms. These forms can be inserted into your WordPress posts or pages and accept donations. Accept Campaign Donations with the Campaign Donation setting. This WordPress PayPal plugin can also be used for e-commerce purposes.

WordPress PayPal Plugin >> Custom Post Donations Pro

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Premium offers you unlimited upgrades with one purchase!

Premium PayPal Plugin Features

  • Now Field Names can be customized!
  • Multiple currency support!
  • New Campaign Donation Type. – This allows for donor info capture and conforms to Federal Election Commission regulations.
  • Add specialized donation forms to your posts or pages.
  • Designate alternate PayPal accounts for donations.
  • Specify additional fixed amounts, such as a shipping charge.
  • Add donation form titles.
  • Manage multiple donation forms from the easy access admin interface (one instance per page).
  • Ability to edit donation widgets.
  • German Translation has been added. ** Deutsch Übersetzung hinzugefügt **
  • Spanish Translation has been added. ** Traducción al español añadió **
  • Ad free

This WordPress PayPal plugin will allow you to create unique customized PayPal donation widgets in WordPress posts or pages and accept donations. Creates custom PayPal donation widgets for ecommerce.

PayPal Donation Types

WordPress PayPal Plugin >> Custom Post Donations Pro

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The set-up for this WordPress plugin is simple. Follow these easy instructions:

  • Once the installed and activated, an admin menu is created in the left hand main admin menu section.
  • The first link, ‘CP Donations’, is the overview page where you would set the PayPal email address for the account. This is also the screen from which you will copy the short codes needed to insert into the posts for the custom donation form to appear.

WordPress PayPal Plugin

  • The ‘Add Donations’ link takes you to the page where you will create the custom donation forms.

WordPRess PayPal Plugin - Custom Post Donations Pro

Installation instructions:
  1. Upload the custom-post-donations directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Set the options in the CP Donations Panel.
  4. Create new donation widgets in the Add Donations Panel.
  5. Use unique shortcodes generated on CP Donations Panel in post or page.

Custom Post Donations Premium is only $7.95

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WordPress PayPal Plugin – WordPress plugin for PayPal integration.

11 Responses to “Custom Post Donations Premium » WordPress PayPal Plugin

  • Just purchased Pro version. Want to use the widget but it doesn’t show up as a widget in my library. I tried to copy the shortcode into a text widget but that is not as easy as it sounds… Another PayPal plug inI have adds a widget, but I would rather use yours since it request and parses the donation data I need. Any help is appreciated.

  • Thank you for your prompt response. I have downloaded and installed the Pro version and used it to create a Donate page. However, as I mentioned in my previous comment, I want each of my blog authors to be able to receive donations individually. They each have their own author accounts from which they post entries. Is there any way that I could set their accounts to automatically include their customized donation buttons at the bottom of their respective blog entries, or will I (or they) have to manually insert buttons into each entry?

  • I run a sports-related blog that features the writings of several authors. I would like our readers to be able to donate to the authors of their choice for specific articles they write. Does this plugin allow me to insert a button into a post and allow the readers to donate to that specific author for that article? If so, I will be happy to buy it.

    • Yes, the pro version allows you to set an alternate PayPal account for each individual donation widget. Using this feature you would be able to create a widget with the authors PayPal account address and place it on that author’s post. All donations from that post would go directly to that author’s account.

  • Where does the informaiton collected for FEC save to? Where do I access it?

    • The collected information will appear in your PayPal activity report download report under the ‘custom number’ field. When viewing ‘All Activity’ for a given period, click the ‘Download: CSV’ link in the upper right header section of the report grid.

      After downloading the report, you will see a column with the header ‘Custom Number’. You may have to scroll over to the right a little bit.

      All of the data should be in that field. I have attached a sample version of a donation. The info would be in column AF, which is entitled Custom Number. The data is delineated by colons.


  • Sneekyheart
    6 years ago

    Just to be sure before buying,
    Does the pro version have an option for multiple currency’s ?
    if so i am willing to buy this plugin.


    • Multiple currency support has been added for version 2.3. This newly updated version is now available for purchase.

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