Custom Post Donations Pro Update

Custom Post Donations Pro has been updated today. Our PayPal plugin for WordPress now gives you the ability to customize the field names in the donation forms. This will give you greater control over what the PayPal donation form can be used for.

This update is available for the Pro and Premium versions.

PayPal plugin for WordPress Customization Instructions

Customizing the field name text in your donation forms is easy to do. This new feature can be found on the overview page of the plugin, at the bottom of the settings section.

The new setting is called ‘Donation Form Text’ and has a drop down list that allows you to select which donation form type you want to edit.

Once you select the form type, you will see a sample version of the PayPal donation form below the drop down list. In the form, the display names are editable. Simply edit the text to what you want and save the settings.

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