Adding borders to WP Easy Gallery Thumbnails

Adding borders to the thumbnails for your WP Easy Gallery or WP Easy Gallery Pro is as easy as adding a simple style modification to the plugin’s CSS. The gallery thumbnail links all have the class attribute of ‘wp-easy-gallery’ to allow you to modify only the links or thumbnail images for the actual gallery.

To make the style modification, navigate to the plugin page in the admin console and click the ‘Edit’ option on the WP Easy Gallery plugin. Then, from the list of files on the right, select ‘wp-easy-gallery-pro/css/prettyPhoto.css’ This will load the CSS file into the editor. To the end of the file you can add the following code:

a.wp-easy-gallery img { border: width; type; color;}


a.wp-easy-gallery img { border: 1px; solid; #333333;}

Click the ‘Update’ button after you have made to the change and you are done. You should now see borders around all of your gallery thumbnails.

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