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WP Translate Pro is premium version of our WP Translate plugin for WordPress that dynamically adds a Google Translate widget to the upper right of your users screen. This will allow visitors to translate your website content to any language. Bring your website to the global market place today!

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$9.95 $3.95

Newly added – Google Analytics integration – See what languages visitors are translating your content into.

Features include:

  • Set default language
  • Track translation usage with Goolge Analytics
  • Enhanced widget positioning
  • Add free…

Translation usage events can be found in your GA account by following the path below:

Content > Events > Top Events > Google Website Translator > Translate

WP Translate is available for free in the WordPress plugin repository.

Add to Cart

$9.95 $3.95

2 Responses to WP Translate Pro

  1. Emilio Williams says:

    Quick question, I want to do the pro version. Can you tell me what the difference would be and where it would be placed? Thank you.

    • thahn says:

      The difference is you will be able to choose from 4 different placement options: Top Right (default), Top Left, Bottom Right, or Bottom Left.

      Also, no ads.

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